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Is Marijuana OK to Smoke?

If your kid asked you, “Is it OK to smoke marijuana?” and you turned around and said, “Yes Marijuana is good to smoke. Smoke marijuana all day. Marijuana can only cause problems with your memory and learning abilities and distort your perception. You might have difficulty in thinking and problem solving and loss of coordination. Your heart rate can increase and may cause anxiety and panic attacks. One marijuana joint is only like smoking 5 packs of cigarettes that can lead to lung and respiratory problems, wheezing, chest colds and a bad cough. Also not to mention that smoking marijuana can increase the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer and changes in the brain similar to those caused by heroin and cocaine, but hey, what’s the big deal? What are you waiting on?”

Your kid might look at you and think that you don’t care about them and their health and that you want them to have learning disabilities or something of the sort.

This is exactly what our kids are being encouraged to do, but are being left out with the facts about marijuana.

In fact, others are teaching kids that smoking marijuana is perfectly safe because it’s only an herb and that it’s legal in CA if you have a prescription.

That’s basically all a kid needs to hear to take that first puff off of a marijuana cigarette if they don’t really know any truth of smoking marijuana.

How do kids start smoking cigarettes? They see a lot of other people smoking cigarettes so they think there must not be anything wrong with it and plus it’s legal (if you’re old enough).

Kids like to be hip to what’s in, but even if it’s not in, kids want to be hip to what their friends are doing otherwise you can’t be part of the group.

So what happens after a kid smokes that first cigarette? They might cough and talk about the tingling feeling and see who can blow smoke rings or something. They don’t really know it’s bad for your health. They just want to have a good time like others look like they might be having while smoking.

When the kid actually hears how bad cigarettes can mess you up, they might say, “I’m never smoking again.” But if they’ve been smoking routinely, they’ll have a hard time quitting because they done made it a habit and next thing they’re addicted to the nicotine.

Marijuana can creep into a kid’s life just as easy as cigarettes. Kids at school are smoking marijuana. If your kid doesn’t know the harmful effects of marijuana and how marijuana can lead to other drugs, then your kid may be tricked into smoking marijuana which can kick start the cycle of drug addiction.

If kids knew the actual health problems that marijuana causes and how smoking marijuana can lead to unsuccessful choices in life, then they would have known to say no and why they were saying no. The lies about marijuana being safe could have been spotted and avoided altogether.

Kids learn by what they see and hear. If they hear kids talking about how safe marijuana is and see kids using marijuana and signs promoting and selling marijuana, then your kid is going to think marijuana is OK to smoke unless you’ve already taught them the truth about marijuana.

Kids don’t already know everything there is to know about drugs. If you’re not teaching your kid on a regular basis about drugs and their harmful effects, then your kid might get the wrong message from somewhere else and try drugs.

Don’t wait for your kid to ask you if marijuana is OK to smoke because your kid might not ever ask. Let your kid know about drugs before starting school. Make sure your kid is fully educated about drugs and up-to-date about drugs at all times to keep your kid on-guard and away from drugs.

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