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Drug Street Names

Drug Street Names

Common Drug Street Names

Street names for drugs (nicknames) vary throughout the world and have been around just as long as the drugs have been around. Drug users and drug dealers often refer to the drug street names because it's catchy and also to keep people from knowing what they're really talking about.

It's good to know these street names for drugs incase you hear your kid or someone talking about them. If you find out someone is using drugs then get them some help right away.

Stimulant Drugs

  • Cocaine street names - Coke, Powder, Snow, Nose Candy, White
  • Crack street names - Rocks, butter, cheese, crack, cookie
  • Crystal Meth street names - Crystal, Meth, Speed, Tweak, Crystal Tea, Quartz, Glass, Ice, Go-fast, Crank,Tina

Depressant Drugs

  • Alcohol street names - Hooch, Brews, Sauce, Booze, Brewskis, Juice
  • Xanax street name - Footballs, downers
  • Valium street name- V, downers
  • Rohypnol street names - Ropes, downers

Hallucinogen Drugs

  • LSD street names - Cid, Acid, Microdot, Blotter, Illusion
  • PCP street names - Angel Dust, Boat, Wack, Rocket Fuel, Love Boat, Ozone, Hog
  • Marijuana street names - Grass, Herb, Pot, Skunk, Blunt, Reefer, Smoke, Mary Jane, Chronic, Gangster, Kif, Weed, Ganja, buds, fire
  • Hashish street names - Hash, Tar

Narcotic Drugs

  • Heroin street names - Smack, Junk, H, Horse, Skag, Mud, Tar
  • Codeine street names - Cough Syrup, Syrup, T-3
  • Morphine street names - Morph, Syrup, Lean, Dreamer, M

More Common Drug Street Names

  • Ecstasy street names - E, Hug, Love Drug, XTC, X, Speed, Beans, Adam
  • Steroid street names - Gym Candy, Pumpers, Stackers, Juice, Weight Trainers, Arnolds
  • Inhalant street names - Whippets, Laughing Gas, Poppers, Rush

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