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Drugs and Teens

Drugs and Teens

A lot of teenagers suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. They might grow up seeing their parents smoke and drink or grow up with older brothers and sisters or friends who use drugs. Peer pressure plays a big part in getting teens to try drugs.

Media such as TV and magazines are other factors that contribute for their drug use. Study has even shown that kids exposed to “R” movies are more likely to smoke at a young age. This is compared to kids of the same age bracket who has never watched rated movies before.

Boredom is another reason why many teens take drugs. If they have no activities or other habits to occupy their mind and time, then they will probably get hooked right away. This circumstance is even more pronounce to teens who do not like being alone or have trouble finding things to do, and those who just want attention.

Lack of self-confidence has actually driven lots of teenagers to drugs and alcohol abuse. Drugs induce a feeling of control, and gives them a feeling that they can do what ever they want that they normally would not do under normal circumstances.

The actual misinformation about drugs that kids hear about drugs like, “drugs are safe and harmless” or “drugs are fun” or “drugs make you popular” can get kids to try drugs.

All of the above play a big part, but kids can make a better decision to stay away from drugs if they know the real dangers of using drugs.

These recommended drug education items can help teens understand the real dangers of using drugs.

Marijuana the Myth



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Drug Information



Drug information dvd covers a variety of drugs and their effects, signs and symptoms and helps others understand how they affect a person's mind, body and life.

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First Step Drug Free Withdrawal



Help a person get off drugs easier and as painlessly as possible using vitamins and other natural drug withdrawal remedies.

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