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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Drugs

Do you have a question? Look through our frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer then submit your question in our contact form. We will get back to you shortly with an answer. Your question may end up in the frequently asked questions.

Questions and Answers

Q: My kid shows signs and symptoms of drug use. What should I do?
Signs of drug use

A: Don't jump to conclusions as there can be other reasons for some of these symptoms.

Use your judgment - if you think your child is using drugs, ask them about it. If the answer is yes, then call 1- 800-468-6933 for immediate assistance or help them get off drugs with the First Step # 1 manual, which has been proven to be effective over and over.

To learn more about how to talk to your kids about drugs, check out our popular booklet, Talking to Kids About Drugs. This booklet covers everything a parent, teacher or caregiver needs to help you help kids know about drugs.

Q: How do the drug education videos teach kids about drugs
Drug education

A: The drug education videos get kids attention and shows kids what drugs really do and why they are not good to take. Real-life examples are used which kids, parents and teachers alike will relate to. The presentations are fun, active, humorous and so simple even young children can understand it. You can view the videos we have available in our Videos/DVDs category.

Q: Why do people take drugs?
Marijuana use

A: People use drugs to get rid of unwanted pain and feelings or to avoid problems. Even boredom could be an unpleasant feeling. Drugs are considered valuable to the degree they produce some desirable effect.

To understand why a person is using drugs, you must know what was wrong before he or she started taking them. For additional help about drug addiction and the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, please visit: Narconon Cal Rehab.

Q: What age group is most likely to use illicit drugs?
Drug use

A: People between the ages of 18 - 25 are the highest users followed by youths between the ages of 14 - 17 years old. Educate kids about drugs before they try drugs!

Q: What is the most commonly used illicit drug?
Marijuana buds

A: Marijuanaa is the most commonly used drug according to the United Nations report "Youth and Drugs: A Global Overview," with about 2.5 percent annual use by the global population. Check out our DVD, Marijuana the Myth

Q: What is addiction?
Drug addiction

A: Addiction is where a person feels compelled to continue taking drugs to such an extent that if he stopped he would experience severe trauma. The drug has become mentally or physically habit-forming and he cannot stop. Find out how to get a loved one off drugs here.

Q: How do people get addicted to drugs ?
Addicted to drugs

A: Drugs kill pain- physical, emotional and mental. When a drug wears off, the pain comes back stronger. The person thinks he needs more drugs to kill the pain. The more he takes, the more he wants, until finally he doesn't just want the drug, he needs it to get rid of the pain created by the drug. Find out how to help prevent drug use.

Q: What are Narcotics?

A: Narcotics are drugs, especially illegal drugs, that can dull the senses, bring sleep and relieve pain, making them similar to depressants. The difference is mostly in the fact that narcotics have a stronger effect. Too much of a narcotic can cause a coma or even death.

Q: What are some key points of keeping your kid drug-free?
Teaching kids about drugs

A: Key points to keeping your child drug-free are Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. If your child has knowledge of what drugs are and what they do to a person, they can then take responsibility for their own actions, make responsible decisions, and they can control their own lives (and those of their friends) and stay drug-free.

It is difficult to be responsible for something or control something unless you have Knowledge of it.

It is foolish to try to control or even know something without Responsibility.

It is hard to fully know or be responsible for something over which you have no Control.

These points are key to keeping your kid drug-free so make sure your kid knows everything there is to know about drugs. Check out how you can keep your kid drug-free.

Q: What is the First Step Effective Drug-Free Withdrawal Program?
Get off drugs

A: The Narconon "First Step" program is a drug-free, proven and effective technology that can help to ease the withdrawal symptoms and pain experienced in coming off drugs. It is the first part of the full Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

The program is designed to assist the individual to come off drugs through the use of nutritional supplements and certain procedures. By studying it and using what you learn, you will be able to help people overcome their addiction to drugs. Get your loved one off drugs today!

Q: What keeps a person from quitting drugs?
Drug Addiction and Withdrawal

A: For a person addicted to drugs, be it alcohol, street drugs or medicine of some sort, the physical, emotional and mental pains and discomfort of withdrawal are often too much to bear and prevent the person from quitting the drug.

Some people stop taking drugs, but later relapse. Drug residues remain in the body after use. They can be released during periods of stress and physical exercise, resulting in the former user getting a little "taste" of the drug. The result: the person gets a craving to take that drug, and so they relapse. Find out more about drug withdrawal.

Q: What does the word Narconon mean?
Drug Addiction and Withdrawal

A: Narconon comes from two Greek words. Narco- means drugs and non means no. So Narconon means Drugs- No! Narconon in a drug-free program that does not use substitute drugs to solve drug addiction. Get more information about the Narconon program!

Q: What is a depressant?
rohypnol pills

A: A depressant is a kind of drug that lowers the activity of the body. Depressants are commonly used to help one sleep and to relieve pain. They normally slow brain function. Find out how to get your loved one off drugs at home.

Q: What is a stimulant?
Crack cocaine

A: A stimulant is anything that quickens some vital body part or organ or seems to speed up a person. Find out how to help prevent drug use.

Q: What are hallucinogens?

A: Hallucinogens are drugs that produce altered perceptions of reality. Hallucinogens are the most powerful and mind-bending of all the drugs. Some hallucinogens are depressants, others are stimulants.

Q: How can I open a Narconon drug rehabilitation center?
Open a Narconon center!

A: Narconon International and our training centers provide training and guidance for the full establishment of a Narconon drug rehabilitation center. There are several options for delivery of the Narconon program. For more information on training call (323) 962-2404.

Order the Opening a Successful Narconon training manual to get started on your training today!

Q: What is drug abuse?

A: Drug abuse is the consumption of any illegal drug, or the irresponsible use of any legal drug (including failure to follow prescribed instructions for medical drugs).

You can help a person stop using drugs with the Narconon First Step Program.

Q: What are drugs?

A: Drugs are substances that aren't food or nutrition that, when put into the body, change the way the body works or the way the person thinks or feels.

All drugs can be toxic or poisonous. There are three effects that any drug can have: a small amount acts as a stimulant and can make a person "hyper" (speeds one up); a greater amount acts as a sedative and starts to put one to sleep; an even greater amount taken fast enough can kill someone.

For more information about drugs and their harmful effects, check out our Drug Facts booklet.

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