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Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana Withdrawal
Marijuana withdrawal can be very uncomfortable. The cravings to use can be very difficult to control. The period of withdrawal tends to last between 10 days to a month. It is worst in the beginning.

Just like any other mood altering substance, people who use marijuana on a regular basis can become addicted to it. A person can become completely dependent and not even know it. A person addicted to marijuana is always seeking for it although he knows the harmful effects on family, work and recreational activities. Marijuana effects parts of brain that influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, sensory, concentration and time perception.

Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom during the first 1 to 2 days of marijuana withdrawal. Your sleeping pattern may be disturbed completely for one week at least. It may take one month to become more regular with a sleeping pattern. Lack of apatite is another common symptom of marijuana withdrawal. This symptom lasts for 3 to 4 days after the last time of smoking marijuana. You will not be interested in food for a couple of days and may lose some weight too. The lack of apatite will result in feeling of sickness and you may feel low level flue like symptoms. Some people may feel nausea and diarrhea during this process. You may experience anxiety and nightmares when withdrawing from marijuana too.

How to treat marijuana addiction?
It's advised to seek a counselor for a serious marijuana addiction. Find a drug rehabilitation center near you in our drug rehabilitation centers list and contact a drug rehab counselor immediately.

For a less severe drug addiction, use our First Step drug withdrawal book to help make coming off drugs easier and less painful.

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Help a person get off marijuana easier and as painlessly as possible using vitamins and other natural drug withdrawal remedies.

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