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Narconon | Drug Education | Drug Rehabilitation::The Truth About Drugs: What is It? DVD

The Truth About Drugs: What is It? DVD
The Truth About Drugs: What is It? DVD 
Help Kids Get A Better Understanding About Drugs

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What is a drug? Dictionaries say a drug is "a chemical substance that is used in the treatment, cure or prevention of illness or disease." But that is not necessarily very clear and it does not say exactly what a "drug" is.

This video helps kids understand what a drug really is as well as:
  • What drugs really do to your body when you take them
  • How they affect your mind
  • How they can destroy your life and family
These points are made very clear for kids to understand so that they'll know why they shouldn't ever mess with drugs.

Even if you have a kid who has used drugs, this drug education video will give them an idea of the dangers of drug use and help them make a better decision to stay away from drugs.

Parents can also use this video for a child who hasn't used drugs, but just wants to make sure that their kid understands the dangers of drugs to ensure they never get involved with drugs.

Over 3,000,000 kids have viewed the drug education videos and hundreds of schools continue to use them to educate children about drugs.

Perfect for elementary kids.


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