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About-drugs.org is owned and managed by Narconon International. Narconon is an international organization that is dedicated to preventing drug abuse and drug addiction and dedicated to rehabilitating those who have become addicted to drugs.

Here at the Narconon bookstore, you will find drug books, drug videos and materials for helping people get off drugs for most ages.

You hear a lot of false information about drugs from friends and other sources that make drugs appear safe and fun to use. Narconon provides drug education tools that are used by parents, schools, foster homes and anyone who wants to help others know the dangers of drugs.

Help others know everything they can about drugs:

  • How people will try to pressure them into trying drugs and give them false information about drugs to get them to try drugs.
  • How drugs can become addicting after one try or even causing death.
  • How drugs can make a person get involved in doing criminal activities and things that they usually wouldn't do to get more drugs.
  • How drugs can make a person not care about their family, personal hygiene, school or life.
  • How drugs can hold a person back from achieving goals and dreams in life.
  • How drugs can lead to a broken family, jail or even death.
  • How drugs destroy a person's mind, body and life.
  • And more...

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Drug Rehabilitation Services

Give us a call for information about our drug rehabilitation services or visit our "drug rehabilitation centers" page to find a center near you. Here are a few fast links to some of the Narconon drug rehab centers.

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Narconon Drug Rehab

Narconon Drug Treatment

Narconon Rehab Heroin Addiction

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