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Drug Information and Drug Help :: Drug Education :: Narconon Parent Kit

Narconon Parent Kit
Narconon Parent Kit 
Help Your Teen Kid Live A Drug-Free Life

It can be hard to talk to teens about drugs. Maybe you caught them using drugs or you suspect that they may be using drugs. Many parents just want to ensure their kid lives a drug-free life.

Either way you can be confident that this drug education kit provides parents and care givers the tools necessary to confront and handle any of the above situations.

See how to spot drug use, approach the situation, get them off drugs, keep them away from drugs and how to build a trusting relationship so that your kid will open up to you and much, much more.

A drug education dvd is also included to help kids understand why and how drugs affect the mind, body and a person's life so that they can get a clear picture why they shouldn't use drugs.

This kit even helps kids learn how to achieve goals so that they can start on the path to success.


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Sep 20, 2010
There are many drug education resources available to help others get a clear understanding of what drugs are and how they affect a person's mind, body and life.

Feel free to browse through the bookstore to see all of the drug education materials that are available. 

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